Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rendi Gets Her Mouth Jewelry!

Braces Day for Rendi!
One last smile with the sisters.
Hair flying...eyes closed...deep breath....HERE I GO!!!
Beautiful and beaming!
Awww...but the sad news is that by the time AWANA was over she was hurting pretty bad. Shower, tylenol, and bed was what she craved. She tried to eat some mac-n-cheese and some mashed potatoes, but didn't eat much.
I have to just take this moment to say how much we LOVE Ozark Orthodontics in Fayetteville (they have Rogers and Ft. Smith offices as well). They are SO kind and truly caring. We see the same faces every time and THEY ARE NEVER FROWNING!!! They are always happy and cheerful....GENUINELY SO!!! It's amazing in this day and age the service those employees give. They treat each patient as if they are the most important person in the world. I could list a million details and reasons, but I'll stick to just this one...
At 7:00 pm (well after hours, mind you) I received a phone call from the office to check up on Rendi and see how she was feeling. They asked if she'd tried eating anything and talked about how in a couple of hours she'd probably be feeling it a lot more (hit that one right on the head!). They talked about eating mushy foods for the next few days, etc. What is just so amazing is simply that the woman on the other end of the phone TRULY cared. She wasn't just making a routine call that was required of her. We truly enjoy our visits to the orthodontist. How many teens/pre-teens/parents can say that??? LOL

On another note.....they ABSOLUTELY LOVED the shirts!!! (I'm so glad b/c it would have been bad if it went the other way!) They took pics of them to send to Dr. Pickard. They asked if I could make more. LOL I'm really glad they didn't get a better look at the lack of craftsmanship!!! I even got asked if I could make a onesie for them....How funny! :0)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tee Shirt Make-Over

The Great T-Shirt Make-Over!!!

Okay. So I've decided to try my hand at sewing/crafting/card-making and whatever else I can dredge up. I'm inspired as of late to create!'s 9pm and my daughter has an orthodontist appointment tomorrow. If they wear "Razorbraces" t shirts they get extra orthobucks which they can then cash in on prizes (one of those being the NEW Razorbraces shirts that just came out). Well, the nice lady at the office gave each of the girls a shirt for free a while back because they were trying to get rid of the old style. Only thing is...they were like XXXL. LOL Even as night shirts they were so huge they weren't comfortable. I told the girls....well, maybe I can alter them once I get the hang of sewing again. I said, it's 9pm and Rendi wants the shirt fixed for TOMORROW. I can just whip it out like that. So...I search the net for some "quickie" pattern or SOMETHING that will help pull this off. While I'm searching I'm remembering a show I watched once upon a time where they were re-styling old tees without even sewing. Hmmmm....

Well, I just get a shirt that fits her well and that she likes, lay it on the giant shirt, trace over it, cut, turn inside out and stitch along the edges and voila! New fitted shirt.

Remmy then wants hers altered. So I suggest some new ideas that are coming to mind and the pictures will tell all the "new creations" we came up with!

I seriously can't wait to see the looks on the faces of the employees at the orthodontist's office tomorrow! LOL They'll either love it or hate it, but oh well! :0)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'm so sorry it's been so long! Wow, March 22!!! Springtime is here and life is extremely hectic! Soccer, ballet exams, Bible Drill, spring carnivals, WM family day, field trips galore..... The list is never ending, even though we DO pick and choose, knowing we can't possibly do it all! :0) are a few pics of the girls at the Wal-Mart family fun day this last weekend. They had a blast! I didn't get a lot of pics because I was holding stuffed animals and balloon animals and all thier other prizes, LOL! Jason was helping his dad clear fence, so I didn't have any extra hands.

Ha ha ha! What you don't see in the pic of Remmy throwing the bean bag is that she finally had to stand right in front of the target and throw it at the hole TWICE before it went in! LOL Everyone had a good laugh (with her, not at her). She's sticking to ballet. No "ball" sports for her! :0)