Thursday, January 31, 2008

Carpentry Runs In the Family....

Like Daddy, Like Daughters!

Rendi hammers away!
Wendy's such a sweet mommy!
Remmy....concentrating hard!
Jaslyn is definitely a do-it-yourself-er!
Well...maybe with a LITTLE help from Dad!

We had a really good time Saturday morning at the Lowe's Build-N-Grow Workshop! The girls had fun, and learned something, too!

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

"In the meadow, we can build a snowman....."
Such hard work!
Rendi's masterpiece!
Well, it might have taken all day, but finally enough snow accumulated to build a decent snowman. At 5pm, Rendi set to work! She had Jaslyn to help for a little bit. Remmy takes after her mother and prefers the warmth of the indoors (unless there's mudding or redneck sledding involved!)
Now...will the snow hold out until tomorrow for sledding? Or should we consider night sledding? Hmmmm.......
What do you think?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SS Fire Dept. Field Trip 1/25/08

Fire Station Field TripThis is Darrel and his precious girls!
Somehow I'm thinking they probably didn't realize the "homeschool" group would be so big! They had to schedule a second group for the afternoon b/c we couldn't all fit inside the station! :0) many fire fighters will it take to organize a group picture? LOL least 3-4 I guess! brothers are so great, aren't they Gabby?

My angels, Remmy, Rendi, and Jaslyn
The girls saw this thrown over a rail and insisted I take a picture of it! For those of you who don't know....NO we are not related! :0)
I think he gets crowded out quick when they say "Come on in!"
Awww...aren't they sweet?
Hmmm....who is this fine fella hanging out over here....out of sight of his mama, I might add...LOL!

We all had a great time and there are tons more pics, but I won't bore you with ALL of them! Especially b/c I still need to post the pics of the Lowe's Build-N-Grow Workshop Day!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

More New Year's Rockin' Eve at 'Cornerstone Baptist Church...
The Church on the Rock' "
Even the little ones had a blast!
In response to "I'm Gonna Miss Her" the ladies sang "I'm Gonna Getcha" LOL!
Awwww....aren't they sweet???
Jaslyn and Megan...BFF
Rendi-Roo did a little diddy, too!

New Year's Eve at Cornerstone Baptist Church!

It's New Year's Eve Everyone!!!!
As has become tradition, our church family gathers on every holiday to celebrate together. That is the kind of church we have and why we love it so much. On New Year's Eve we get together and eat lots of food (hey...we ARE Baptists, LOL!), sing karaoke (and trust one is shy!;0) ), play games, and ring in the new year loving one another the way Christ loves us. It is so heartwarming and I hope that each and every person out there gets to experience the love and family like we share in our small church. Y'all come visit anytime!

One of these is our Preacher....can you guess which one???


Aren't they just precious??? Our church is just full of long as they can wear their jammies! :0)
Yep.....we are card playing Baptists! LOL And the woman w/ dark hair was a preachers kid!!!

Bet ya can't guess what they're singing~ "I'm Gonna Miss Her" by Brad Paisley...ya gotta know the song!
I can't remember what they sang, but it sure was funny!
Remmy and her cousin Alex could give those "High School Musical" kids a run for their money, LOL!
Who doesn't love the "Y.M.C.A."? It's multi -generational!
"Who Let The Dogs Out?" One of these is the preacher's daughter...another one is a deacon's daughter....LOL!

Last one!!!

Jason's Granny Bear opens her family pic of us
Courtney and Jasi are rippin' em open! (Jasi has chocolate gravy all over, LOL!)
Hmmm....what's this??? A GIANT CARDBOARD PLAYHOUSE!!! (That mom and dad get to set up later, LOL!)
Awwww......MILs are so nice....mine made me booties!!!!!

Christmas #4-Dec 25 (next 2 last one, I promise, LOL)

CHRISTMAS MORN AT THE THOMAS HOUSEHOLD! Remmy gets a ballerina jewelry holder!
Jason can have "WooooPigSOOOOOIIIEEE" hands while workin' on the farm, LOL!
Poppa Max enjoys the fun!
Nan-Nan lives for this day every year, LOL!
Bub's happy w/ his gift!!! How much more can you ask for? LOL

Christmas #3- Dec. 25


This is every homeschooling parent's see this much joy over getting books for Christmas!!! LOL
You can't see it, but her mouth is wide open, LOL!
Jason loves these shirts....something I'll never understand. Found out later that morning his mom has the exact same one and has been hiding it for fear of him trying taking it, LOL!
This is as much of me as I think I've ever shown the world on Christmas morn (no makeup, still in jammies, etc, LOL!)

Christmas Eve on the Square

All the "Dalrymple" grandkids, plus a couple xtra, LOL!
My darlin'!
Aunt Janet treats us all to a carriage ride! Woohoo!
Jeremy, Lisa, and Ava taking in the lights!
You know how much I love snowmen!!! :0)