Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SS Fire Dept. Field Trip 1/25/08

Fire Station Field TripThis is Darrel and his precious girls!
Somehow I'm thinking they probably didn't realize the "homeschool" group would be so big! They had to schedule a second group for the afternoon b/c we couldn't all fit inside the station! :0) many fire fighters will it take to organize a group picture? LOL least 3-4 I guess! brothers are so great, aren't they Gabby?

My angels, Remmy, Rendi, and Jaslyn
The girls saw this thrown over a rail and insisted I take a picture of it! For those of you who don't know....NO we are not related! :0)
I think he gets crowded out quick when they say "Come on in!"
Awww...aren't they sweet?
Hmmm....who is this fine fella hanging out over here....out of sight of his mama, I might add...LOL!

We all had a great time and there are tons more pics, but I won't bore you with ALL of them! Especially b/c I still need to post the pics of the Lowe's Build-N-Grow Workshop Day!


WendyJanelle said...

Love these, too!! How many kids were there? Maybe we should've gone, even if just for the people-time. As if I don't get enough of that!! ;-) I just go stir crazy cooped up.

Suzanne said...

I'm so glad you took pictures. of course I love the picture of Brian climbing up the ladder.