Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Anniversary

Well, many of you may remember the post I wrote about our anniversary weekend last year (click here and here for those posts-there were 2 of them). I really didn't think we could afford the trip this year with the recession and all. In fact, I KNEW we couldn't. Hubby asked about it, and I told him how much it was and that there just was no way. AND that was okay, because not every anniversary can be stellar, right? I'm just fine with a candle-lit dinner at home. WELL, dh(dear hubby) went behind my back and sold some stock we had (that was about to drop anyway) and made just enough to surprise me with the weekend to the cabin in the woods. We SO love it there. It's peaceful and lovely and simply a haven. It was just what we needed, an escape from the stress of the faltering economy and the pressures of everyday life. We are simple people, and we love nature. To be out and surrounded by it, like you've left the world behind, is simply divine. It's really not an expensive trip as there is a kitchen in each cabin and they stock with fresh farm eggs and all the major condiments, bottled water, chips, and a box of chocolates to boot. We simply pack what food we need from our own kitchen and take it with us. It's about a couple sacks full and some items in the ice chest (they have all the dishes, pots, pans, utensils, you name all appliances including mini fridge/freezer). I could go there every year and be happy.
We stayed in a different cabin this year because the one we had last year was booked. It was just as nice and peaceful. If I could go live there, I would! The name of the place is Domestic Tranquility and that says it all. I don't think they could have come up with a better name. The family is one that homeschools and are a big part of Benton County 4-H (they are in the Homespun group). It's just amazing and I cannot recommend it highly enough!!!
So here are some pics....

Pine Wood Log Cabin

(that's Jason at the grill)

The 2 of us.
Well, that's the thing about being alone...there's no one to take pics of the both of you! LOL
I love the 'Happy Anniversary' sign!
The front door from the inside. This cabin had 3 (or 4?) stained glass windows that were absolutely breathtaking!
Door to the bathroom
The bathroom
The jacuzzi. Ahhhh.....LOVED IT!!!
The attention to detail given to these cabins leaves nothing to want for!!! It's so amazing the tender love and care that this family puts into every single minute detail. I admire them greatly.
My pictures can scarce do the place justice. Click on the link to their website where you can see more/better pics and get details about their place. They provide an amazing history for each cabin, how it was built, where the wood, etc., came from....simply wonderful!

Stay tuned for another post with pics of the things we saw and places we went. :0)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

For the Coffee Lovers I have tons to post about, and yet haven't found the time. BUT, I wanted to throw this out there for all you coffee lovers, money saving people, or those who KNOW coffee lovers/drinkers..... ENJOY!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

She's so pretty!

This is the daughter of some very dear friends of ours. She is, in fact, also a dear friend, although only 17. :) She was one of the homecoming maids for Gentry Homecoming this year and asked me to do her make-up. I was honored....and scared to death!!! LOL It all turned out okay...especially considering the fact that I didn't see her dress until later that afternoon AFTER I had done her make-up! ;0)

This is a sunrise I had taken a pic of and it just seemed to go with her dress! :)

Just had to get one more of Frodo in here. He slept like this on the back of the couch for quite some time...even after I took the pic. In a little while we heard a "cathunk" and looked over and he had fallen to the floor! He was okay...just a rude awakening I suppose! LOL


Look at him go! He walks around like this without holding onto something with his front paws also, but it's hard for me to catch on camera. He always decides to just come play with the camera instead! LOL! I know you might not want to see pics of my dog. I know this blog is supposed to be about my family and what we are up to. Well....Frodo is family, now, too! Besides, I just couldn't help but post some pics of the cute lil buggar!

He sure does love apples!!! :)

Deals for Oct. 7 (sorry I'm behind on posts)

This was done in 3 separate purchases. It was a few weeks ago and I'm not even going to try to break it down into those purchases, because I would confuse not only myself, but all of you as well! LOL Purchase date was Oct. 7 and after rebates, RR, wags coupons, and manufacturer coupons, I was out of pocket....

At WM, with many coupons thanks to, the total for all of these products (listed below) came up to $33.21.
I paid $5.23.

Purina Dog Food $4.96
-$4/1 coupon=$0.96
Purina Cat Food $4.33
$4/1 coupon= $0.33
Ronzoni Smart Taste Macaroni,
Ronzoni Spaghetti 2/$3.00
I had 2 $1/1 coupons= $0.50 each
EZMac Cup on sale for $0.75/each
I had 2 $1/2 coupons making them $0.25/each
KY $2.64
coupon $3.00/1
overage of $0.36
4 pkg. diff. varieties of Valley Fresh Steamers, $1.23 each
4 $1/1 coupons, making them $0.23 each
Yeash $3.92
coupon for $0.40/1 making it $3.52 (I know, not a great deal, but I needed it)
Clean and Clear Facial Cleansing Pads $5.44
coupon $5/1, making it $0.44.
Kotex Liners $0.97/1
coupon $1/1
overage of $0.03

I'm learning, I'm learning....
Now...if I could just make all the meals out of this and this only! :)

Mr. Gimped Redneck

I just wanted to make note of the addition I made to my bloggy friends list. The publisher behind The Gimped Redneck is a good friend, and a very intelligent author. He has many different blogs, this is just my personal favorite. Feel free to pop on over there. He is politically minded and motivated at the moment, but not in some of the hateful accusatory ways you see in the media. He's not looking for a fight, just expressing opinions (that I share most of). It just makes for very interesting, often informing, reading. Just some FYI!!! :0) Enjoy!