Monday, October 20, 2008

She's so pretty!

This is the daughter of some very dear friends of ours. She is, in fact, also a dear friend, although only 17. :) She was one of the homecoming maids for Gentry Homecoming this year and asked me to do her make-up. I was honored....and scared to death!!! LOL It all turned out okay...especially considering the fact that I didn't see her dress until later that afternoon AFTER I had done her make-up! ;0)

This is a sunrise I had taken a pic of and it just seemed to go with her dress! :)

Just had to get one more of Frodo in here. He slept like this on the back of the couch for quite some time...even after I took the pic. In a little while we heard a "cathunk" and looked over and he had fallen to the floor! He was okay...just a rude awakening I suppose! LOL

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