Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So much to blog about, so little time....

I know, I know. I've been MIA for a while. Rest assured, it's not because I wanted to take time away from blogging. I'm constantly thinking of things I need/want to blog about and have taken tons of pictures to post, but I just can't find the time!! From New Year's resolutions, to creating 4-H journals, to the fact that I now share this computer with 3 daughters and a husband who have suddenly taken an interest in the online world, to....well, everything else!
I've painted the accent wall(s) in my living room. I went for a tomato red, but it's mostly orange. I'm going to try and see if I can have the paint tinted a bit more red and go over it again. After I'm satisfied with it I'll take pics and post them.

I did something this year that I NEVER do. I made resolutions.

1. To be healthier (as opposed to most "lose weight" resolutions)

2. To be more organized

3. To be a better homeschool mother and wife

Now...I've done these things in the past (although not as resolutions) and been successful, so I KNOW that I can do it. My problem is motivation. Every time I jump back on the health bandwagon I lose more and more motivation. It seems to get harder to stick with. I used to be proud of the fact that my family ate healthier than most and that I was fit. Fit is the farthest word from what would describe me now.
I exercised yesterday for the first time in, um.....A LONG STINKIN' TIME!!!! I hurt. My stomach hurt last night and I think it was simply because I used muscles that have been dormant for a year or two. I hate the roller coaster ride. Seriously. I'm 31 and beginning to wonder if I'm destined to spend my life on this horrible roller coaster. My weight has teetered up and down for 11-12 years now, ranging anywhere from 97lbs. to 145. (and that doesn't include pregnancy weights) Maybe this go round will be better. My aim is now good health and not a certain weight or size. I'll have to work hard not to focus on those 2 things, though.

Organization....if my home were more organized and to stay that way, I might actually feel more like exercising. When I'm putting off cleaning duties in order to exercise I just get mad at myself for not being able to get it all done in a day.

All that dissatisfaction leads to a grumpy mama/wife. No one likes that. I've realized recently that the laughter in our home has become an endangered species. That's no way to raise a family!!! So, I feel it's up to me to change the mood of our home. Like they say, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

Wish me luck in my endeavors and pray for me if you will.

At this point I think I will just bypass trying to catch up on posts that I've missed like Christmas and New Years, etc. I'll just pick up and go from here and hope that's okay with you all! :0)


Loveandadoor said...

welcome back!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Thanks! :0)

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I like your profile picture!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Oh, and I do have comments about your post!!
WMart should be able to add to your paint. I've brought mine back before when it was off a bit, and they fixed it for me. Bring in a sample of what you want, if you can.
I do like orange, by the way. I would paint something orange, if I could find another wall to redo!! I think I'm all painted-out for awhile, though. Fred says I must wait at least 6 months before painting anything else!! (Did I mention that I just painted my front door BRIGHT "Artsy Red"?

I love your resolutions. And I know what you mean... I think health and organization are really up there for everyone. I want to be healthy, too. I've slacked on my usual healthier meals. Too many cookies and cheese balls, etc this time of year!!

Mrs Smiley Joe said...

Wishing you the best in these endeavors and lifestyle changes. It's worth it when you change your mind and way of doing things. I lost 25 lbs over the last year just by working out here and there, walking when it's nice out and eating well. But not dieting. I just woke up one day this past fall and realized 25 heavy pounds were gone. Now, I'm starting over and giving it a healthy go again. You're gonna feel great! And I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised down the road! I'm here for support! Oh, put up affirmation note cards and goals to remind yourself of the changes your making and who you are. Helped me.

And I'm working on the other two areas as well. Organization makes thinks so much more peaceful! And happy!

You are doing great, Momma!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When you get progressively more into Scripture reading or memorization you will find the motivation... I have...and I've been exercising for 11 days now. I still weigh 150 lbs and have for most of the past 6 years. I'm hoping that more of it's made up with muscles. I'm trying to slim down even if I don't weigh down. Keep at it!!! (sorry I had to repost this because I read it after I posted it and found 3 mistakes. Apart from those corrections and this explanation it's all the same = ) )

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Thanks SO much for all the wonderful, encouraging comments!!! It really does help. :0) I've been trying to get back here and do a post on stewardship, which ties in with this one. Problem is, I have to have more than 3 minutes to sit down at the computer!

Anonymous said...

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