Sunday, September 23, 2007

My precious baby

<--Remmy, 1yr. below: Remmy this summer

Aren't they adorable? LOL...I'm a little biased. These are my precious sweeties. My oldest...oh turning 12 on Wednesday! (EEKS!) Oh, but she is growing and changing into a beautiful young woman of God. Through prayer and several conversations, things have been much better around here...for all of us. Really, I think it just took her knowing that I understand her confusing emotions. She gets frustrated with herself for not understanding her own moods. Oh the joy of hormones! I DO NOT miss it! LOL Ballet has started back and she's back with a passion.
Soccer games start this week for Rendi.....weeknights will begin to feel like races!
Jaslyn had to say goodbye to one of her best friends today. The youth pastor and his family have been called to another church, and their 4 yr. old son and Jaslyn have been very close for the past couple of years. The batteries are dead on my camera or else I'd post a pic of the two of them today. Although, I have to say they weren't very happy about stopping playing to take a was the only way I could get both of them in the pic...they were running all over! :) The most precious picture, though, remains in my mind. As were were leaving and saying our final goodbyes, I saw the two of them in the tightest hug I've ever seen between two really pulled on my heartstrings. She's being a really good sport though....she lost another little friend to a move last February and she still talks about her and asks if we can go see her (in Florida, LOL). I can only pray her little heart will understand and heal. I'll try to post those pics tomorrow.

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WendyJanelle said...

Very cute pic of the girls!
Good!!-- so glad things are doing better now! :-D