Monday, August 11, 2008

Just thought I'd share the 411.

LOOONNNGGG week...but fun, for the most part. We had VBS at our church this week and I taught the Pre-K class, as usual. It was probably the funnest VBS I've ever been a part of. Until Thursday night. A woman yanked my child up out of a chair by her arm, scaring her half to death, for a still yet unknown reason. (a believable one anyhow) Anyway...I prayed and gathered my wits, not wanting to disrupt whatever work the Lord may have been doing in her or her children's lives...this was REALLY hard for me, being the mama cub I can be when it comes to my children. However, I am very non-confrontational by nature. This woman DOES NOT go to my church, and very much needs to. Then it happened. The woman walked within inches of me, crossing my path as I tried to console Junior and convince her to go in the room with me (where my class was waiting to be taught....unfortunately this woman was inside). Junior says, "Mama, that's the MEAN woman....she's so mad at me and I, I , I DDDDon't know wwwhyyyy!" Rut-roh. Woman turns and looks at me. I wasn't going to lie...still being mad deep down. I told her what Junior had said and asked if Junior had done something (you know, like pinched her kid or something). She denied touching her, grabbed her kids and hightailed it right out of the church giving the "talk to the hand" to anyone who tried to stop her. Pastor and his wife followed the woman out and she told them she was trying to keep Junior from falling and I yelled at her. ??? Yet she denied touching her when I asked and then she ran (and I didn't yell....we were in a hall full of people and someone would have known if I yelled). Ugh. Fortunately, I think most of my church family knows me well enough to know better.

Friday had to clean the church and ship kiddos off for a fun weekend with the grands.

Friday night I cooked and canned spaghetti sauce. Yum.

Up at 7 on Saturday for work. Worked in Bentonville all day, got home about 6pm, changed clothes, then left for date with hubby. We went to Osegueras in Fayetteville.....absolute best Mexican food I've EVER had....and I've eaten A LOT of Mexican food. Anyway.....lots of strange "guys" in that town. 4 sat next to us. My redneck husband and I laughed all night at their conversation. They were talking about majoring in "Men" if you get the meaning. Some crazy hilarious stuff there. Stopped by a "unique" little shop on the way home. That made me feel even older, but that's another story not for the semi-public, LOL!

Kiddos came home this morning with the booty in tow. The grands took them shopping for clothes and school spoiled they are! :0) Maybe a little loved, too. I am proud of my girls. When asked what the best part of this weekend was it wasn't getting new clothes or shoes, or fun school supplies, or eating out, or going to a movie, or swimming in the grands' was simply "hanging out and having fun" with the grands. I love my kids....and my in-laws. They are really fun ppl to hang out with and my dh and I don't do it nearly enough.

Whisked off to church after that. Junior wouldn't leave my side. I had to stay with her in children's church. That's just not like my Jasi. The "woman" wasn't even there and she was still scared/uneasy. So sad. :0(

Came home and have been pretty lazy since. I'm so tired/sleepy. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's the upcoming week of cleaning/organizing/preparing for school. Ugh. I'm excited about starting school, don't get me wrong (we homeschool). I just know I need a clean/organized house to do so and it's pretty much been let go ALL SUMMER. Lots of work. I want to fit in some fun stuff with the girls this week, too....stuff we haven't "gotten to" yet this summer, ya know? Playing cards, pedicures and manicures, girlie movie nights, card making, crafts, sewing, etc..... Oh...and Wed. we have this 4-H thing and they need to have tri-fold presentations of all the projects they are working on or have completed this year to show while they serve the public school employees their lunch. Ugh.

Did I mention I haven't been grocery shopping in over 2 weeks? Yah. Need to do that, too.

Well.....must go. Gonna play some cards before kids go to bed. Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

For all the work that starting up with school again represents, don't you just kind of have to admit that it is pretty exciting? I love the beginning of each semester much better than the ending of either! I can't think that homeschool would really be much different. There are so many possibilities = )