Tuesday, October 2, 2007

diet and exercise

Okay. I have a question. Is there anyone else out there who can do great at eating healthy and keeping exercise a part of their regular routine for, say, 3 months, and then just fall off the wagon and lose the desire to get back on, even when you know you REALLY need to....not just b/c of looks....health issues, etc. I want so badly to be a good example for my girls. I like healthy foods...have attained a lot of really good recipes in the last year from Denise Austin...but seems they have only so many and then they repeat them. Now I'm simply burned out on even the ones I liked. Exercise has flown out the window. I used to exercise every afternoon once my lunch had settled and school work was done. Now...hmmm......it just seems that there's no time for exercise b/c then I have to shower and completely "re-do" myself (make-up, hair, etc.) for the evening. I have time to exercise....just not clean up! LOL....stinky problem, I know! :-) I am just wondering if anyone out there shares my pain in this. And, if so, how do you deal? I asked hubby for an mp3 player so I could start jogging. He got me one for my bday (3 weeks ago) and I haven't been running once. I did take a short walk after I finally figured out how to use the thing, LOL! :) Also, I'm looking for some good, easy, family pleasing, healthy recipes. (Do they even make anything that fits all those categories???) We are really not big fish eaters (of course, unless it's fresh caught and deep fried...LOL) I have found a few recipes that the fam will eat with fish....salmon and cod mostly. We love chicken, but then again....always trying to find new healthy ways to use it. I've visited the sparkpeople.com site and looked at a few of theirs....it's a lil overwhelming trying to find something. I guess I should just print some off and start trying them out. (scary!) Anyway...any advice or sympathy :) is welcome!

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WendyJanelle said...

Haha. Yep, we're definetly thinking on the same lines. To be honest, though, I don't exercise. I don't even try to fit it in.
I go walking every day with the kids, and I do chase them around and hang them upside down, tickle them, etc all day. Does all that count?
My hubby thinks you need meat with every meal. So that is what I cook, but I don't always eat what he does. I eat lots of brown rice, beans, fruit. I love rootbeer floats for dessert (with diet root beer and fatfree ice-cream, of course!)
One of my good friends is a dietician and she gave me a copy of her cookbook. I'll try to type up some recipes soon for you! :-)