Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Okay...now this is just plain sad. Monday was a very chilly day, but this??? I kept encouraging Jasi to go and play. She had finished her school, but I needed to work with the older girls. After a while of silence (like, 30min or more) I noticed her CD player playing the SAME SONG over and over and over and over..... Nursery Rhyme song, can't remember which one (it's still early morning, come on!). Anyway....I finally couldn't take hearing it play one more time....went to her room, and this is what I found. LITERALLY BORED TO SLEEP! Does anyone else have this problem? A younger child who seems to just sit around and wait all day if necessary for sissy's to be done with their school so they can play? She's 4 and they are 10 and 12....obviously they have a LOT more schoolwork than she does. How can I convince her it's ok to go play by herself?
I'll say one thing, though....she sure is an angel.....WHILE SHE'S SLEEPING, LOL!!! j/k....all my girlies are angels....sometimes they just get so rowdy their halos fall off! ;0)

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WendyJanelle said...

Wow. She's just a sleeper, huh? How precious!
Do you have a "special school box" for her while big sisters are working? That helps me with Mr. Trev.