Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Help. Need prayer

Okay. I got some horrible news today. Not just one, but BOTH of my older girls need braces. Their mouths are apparently little train wrecks. I never had braces.....my parents never even took me to the dentist, so I had NO IDEA they were sooooo expensive!!!!!! (our insurance does not cover orthodontia) I was prepared to handle one in braces at a time....but 2???? That's a car payment! I really have no idea what we are going to do. We went ahead and set up for the older one to start her treatment, even though the younger one's problems are more severe. (hopefully we haven't scarred her for life!:) ) We will be taking care of her teeth, but are hoping to put it off until we can figure something out or God makes it abundantly clear. We have been recommended for ortho-care on her, b/c her situation is so bad, and so.....if she's selected for that, the cost of everything is like, 1/8th the normal cost. We are praying that God's will is done. I know there are kids out there with a lot worse problems than mine, and I would never want to take from them an opportunity for help. The orthdontist only chooses 9 cases per year for the ortho-care program. I know if she's not selected, God will provide a way. Anyway....it's felt nice to vent and get that off my bogged down shoulders! ;0) Any advice or wisdom is welcome!


Suzanne said...

ugh. I had no idea braces were so pricey either. I should probably have had them, but my parents didn't have the money either. Now Gabby has a gap in her teeth too...I like to think it makes us look like Madonna. I just need some cones. I'll add you guys to my prayer list, I'm sure it's hard to want to take care of them and yet it can put a big strain financially on you all at the same time. xx

Suzanne said...

ps you looked really great last night.

Jerri Dalrymple said...

start saving now! LOL It's $5000.00/ child.
as for your "ps" It's all for you baby! ;0)