Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Associational Bible Drill

Associational Bible Drill
Pea Ridge, AR
The girls both worked very hard memorizing 24 verses and 10 key passages from the Bible. They compete within our church in the first round. If they pass, they move on to the regionals. Now that they have both made it past regionals, they will compete at the state level in Little Rock. They are REALLY excited, as this is the first year they've gotten to compete in Little Rock. The last 2 years the state drill has been at Pea Ridge. This year we'll be traveling and staying and swimming pools with pizza delivery....every girl's dream, right? LOL State drill is April 26.

Gotta have the funny face photo! ;-P

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WendyJanelle said...

Wooooo-hoooo!!! I love Remmy's girl-y jewelry with the camo shirt! That is just SO her! Love it!
And I just adore how into the "funny faces" your girls get. That's how to do it! There's no point in doing it, if you're just gonna stick out your tongue...might as well go the whole way and do a pig nose!! So funny! ;-)