Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Rains Came Down & the Forts Went Up!

Rain, Rain Go Away....
^These are logs that we cut for firewood and were in our field. They are about 30ft from where they were...down and up and over a fence and a road!
The road, I mean river, to my parent's house.
This is our road/river. It's cut into so much that you can see the old (orange) road underneath the water. This flows from our pond to our neighbors. There's approximately 100ft. in between the 2 ponds, but a 4 foot drop, then rise over the road and back down.
The 4 foot drop is on the other side of our fence. Swimming anyone?
This is just to show how heavily the water is flowing.
So....we're stuck inside, the kids are beginning to be snippy with each other...
Time to build "Fort City!"
Ahhhh....the tunnels of old!
Betcha can't guess who this is.....
"Funny face, Mommy! Funny face!"

My voice is hoarse from playing monster tag in Fort City in the dark! LOL
It's been too long!


Adelia said...

You are such a great momma!!!

Stacy said...

Oh my... we've been out that way when it rained a lot before... those roads hold water really bad!
Hope it's dried up by now! :)

Jerri Dalrymple said...

LOL, Adelia! Maybe that's just what I want you to THINK! LOL I surely don't take photos of the BAD moments! :0)
Thanks for the complement anyhow!
Stacy...roads are getting better...not TOO bad..LOL! No more canoeing anyway!