Saturday, March 22, 2008

I CAN Craft!!!

I decorated these bags for each of my girls to use to take their new Bibles to church in.

These are blown eggs (except the blue one which is plastic painted with acrylic paint) with leaves and small flowers/grass/weeds from my yard decoupaged onto them. Flip sides
This is an Easter gift for my Secret Sister at church. Any of you ladies that go to church with me obviously aren't her or I wouldn't post this. Please don't say anything! :0)

This is not the entire gift, but do you think this looks nice? My daughters think so but I'm not sure.

These are some OLD lockers that I got from a friend for Remmy (she said the only thing she missed about public school was having a locker, LOL! Guess I fixed that! :0P ). I painted them lilac (at her request) on the outside and a pale yellow on the inside. She plans on decoupaging Zac Efron into this door. Go figure, LOL!
So....I've had one heck of a busy weekend and I wouldn't go as far as to say any of this looks really good or that you can tell that a grown woman did it...but I'm trying! :0) And, the girls and I had a blast! That makes it sooo worth it! I can't wait to see their faces when they wake up tomorrow and find their bags with their new Bibles and chocolate bunnies inside! :0)


WendyJanelle said...

Woooo-hooooo!! I already told you, but I'm gonna tell you again: I LOVE these projects. You are awesome!! Feels neat to create, doesn't it?? :-)
Maybe in hick country, you dance a hoedown (Sp?) and screech "yee-ha" when you finish a craft? ;-) Hehheee

Adelia said...

How fun, Jerri. And they look fantastic!!

Trish said...

I love those bags! Did you actually sew the fringe around the tops? Anyone who pulls out their sewing machine to do crafty stuff is my hero!!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Ha, ha! OH, no, no, no! I don't own one of those things (though I wish I did!). Hot glue is my best friend!!! :0)

Just Pure Lovely - Lori Seaborg said...

I think I like that green (or is it yellow) bag the best, but it was a tough choice between it and the pink. I think the flowers swayed me. :) They look so great!

And the locker....awesome idea!

(we live near Pensacola, and, yes, raised beds are much easier here because of all the sand; this year we FINALLY did that, and it seems to be working much better. But somehow there is still a lot of farming...maybe peanuts and cotton don't need good soil?)

Jerri Dalrymple said...

LOL...I don't know...southern Arkansas grows a lot of cotton, too! :0) I've begged dh to do a raised garden (we have a lot of clay to our soil) and he says "No...we'll just use the dirt God gave us." LOL...he had to break it up this year and it was some work, now, let me tell ya! :D So..maybe next year I'll get that raised garden...