Sunday, May 11, 2008

Branson Trip

Our Trip to Branson
We enjoyed the sights at Branson Landing. This was taken on a pier...windy, cool, and bumpy, but pretty!
There was a great playground at Branson Landing that is set up like a Pirate's Ship
This is at Bass Pro Shop. Can't go to Branson and not hit Bass Pro! LOL
Giant aquarium at Bass Pro.
This was my personal favorite, and if you go to Branson you MUST check it out. They do a water/light show set to music and it is truly beautiful and amazing.
Alas...the Titanic Museum. It was magnificient! As you can see, the family is miniscule in comparison! It really is something worth seeing if you get close to Branson.

The girls and I in front of the Titanic.

There is so much more to post, but I tried to pick and choose. I'm so behind on blogging! I don't think I've blogged half the field trips we've taken this year...we just do so much interesting and fun stuff! It seems like our whole life is a field trip! I'm going to try to blog once per day until I get caught up. Keep in mind it's still soccer season, and we are getting busy with 4-H as well. Thank goodness ballet is nearly over! :0)


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I was waiting for your next post. I'd say a trip to Branson is an acceptable reason to be temporarily behind on blogging = ) And Wendy went recently too. You all obviously had a great time! Thanks for posting pics = )
I'll be checking back...daily, for more = )

Anonymous said...

PS Great job with your exercises! How early do you have to get up to exercise before the day gets rolling? Earlier than 5?

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Ok...I haven't gotten up before 5am since I worked at La-Z-Boy...unless you count with my last baby, LOL! work out and still get my day started on time I have to get up NO LATER THAN 6:30. Ok...some of you may laugh, but that's stinkin' early for me! I used to be a morning person...somewhere I lost that and now I don't like going to bed very early!!! Maybe my dh rubbed off on me...he's always been a night owl, much more so than me. Do you exercise at night?

WendyJanelle said...

UGH!!! My long comment just got erased!!!

WendyJanelle said...

I DID say that Branson is awesome. I loved Titanic, too.

Exercise-- I'm unmotivated when I don't have accountability. It was great to walk with Tob, years ago...
Congrats on your determination!

I love the pic of you and the girls. Your hair looks so good!!

Anonymous said...

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