Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is Legit!

I found this on Just Pure Lovely's site, which she links to another MomSaver sight. On the Momsaver site you can see an actual check. Lori, from Just Pure Lovely, had hers electronically transferred to her account. She got over $500! So did the MomSaver woman! Cool! I would not even support this if I thought it was questionable or unsafe. Check into it!
It is a company like PayPal that is just getting started. Instead of buying ads to get their name out, they are using word of mouth and paying people to do so. Hurry, though...you have to sign up by May 15!!!


Stacy said...

Ok, so how does this work? Do you just refer people to make money? or is there something else you do?? I'm curious! :)

Jerri Dalrymple said...

When you sign up, which is free, you automatically get $25.00 deposited in your account, which you can then withdraw by check or electronic transfer, etc....which is also free. Then, yes, when people you referred sign up, you get $10.00 for each one when they sign up. It's that simple! Ain't it great? LOL :0) Offer ends tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so naturally I didn't catch this post until the 16th! LOL I'm not really concerned. I'm glad for those who got a chance. I had another break recently that has me covered =)