Tuesday, June 10, 2008

....and the Chicks Dig It.......

Okay, so that country song is stuck in my head....well, that part of it anyway. I don't know the rest, LOL!
If you were feeling sorry for melindaslife then you can turn that frown upside down and be happy for me! Her chicks have found a home. That's right, these 6 lovely birds narrowly escaped not only the dreadful horror of "chicken house" life, but all 17 of those cats! LOL They must be tough! Hopefully they will bring me some good eggs. If not, hopefully they are tender and juicy and not-so-tough. Ha, ha!
Here's some pics.....
Yup. They are one smart species. That would be why they are trying to huddle and sleep in their food and water. Uh, huh...s-m-a-r-t! I believe that lil one in the corner is giving me what for! What do you think? :0P

They better quiet down soon, LOL. At least Remmy is gone for the rest of the week. I've put them in the tub that is at her end of the house. She's the only one with a room down there....right next to the bathroom, LOL. They can be loud and those of us at the other end won't hear a thing. :0)

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Jessica said...

Cute chicks! We have baby ducks that we bought at the feed store.
they're so cute... then they grow up!