Thursday, June 19, 2008



I write today to tell you of a friend whom I believe was sent straight from God. He can and does do that, don't you think?

This friend picks me up when I am down,

she encourages me when I think I just can't "do it"

she loves at all times, no matter how many times I may stick my foot in my mouth

she has learned to understand that sometimes my compliments come out backwards

she loves my children so very much

she knows that sometimes I need her to turn my own advice on myself

she will never turn away, no matter what

her door is always open ;0)

she's always there, no matter how chaotic or hectic her own life may be

Now this is a good friend, almost as if she's a superhero:

You've just had one crazy stressful day in which you were the last minute maid of honor in your sister-in-law's shotgun wedding, your daughters carried the train, the youngest was the flower girl, and husband ran the music. It's finally all over, and you are headed home, with the leftover wedding cake riding in the passenger seat of the van. You take off slowly, having the girls carefully watch the cake, only to turn the first corner, easily mind you, and have the cake topple over (did I mention it was covered in BLUE icing?) into the floor, down the side of the door, all over the interior of the van. By the time you get pulled over and open the door the cake is destroyed and the gray interior of your van is now blue....BRIGHT BLUE. Just as you discover that you have nothing to clean it up with, not a napkin, kleenex, wet wipe, nada- you hear the trumpets blaring and your knight (or princess?) in shining armor (or a shiny silver van, anyway) comes pulling up to ask if you need help. Poof. She's just there, right when you need her. She gives her every kleenex, napkin, wet wipe, whatever she has to help. No matter that she was on her way somewhere...her friend needed her.

My husband comes pulling up shortly thereafter and comments, "Funny how she's always there every time you need her."

Yes, funny indeed.

Dear friend, I thank you. I thank God for you and your friendship and all that it means to me. God alone knows how many trials we've pulled each other through. Where would I be without you? LOL

I pray that God would create in me the kind of friend I've found in you, and use me to bless others as you have so richly blessed me.

Take heart, and know that you are deeply loved and cherished.




Sun-Kissed Savages said...

You are too kind, my darling friend! It was neat to see you that day (sorry about the circumstances, though!) I think God just planned that one out.

You are always there when I need you, too, helping me, encouraging me, introducing me to new people and curriculums, and ideas!! :-) What would I do without such wonderful friends?

Oh, and who can help but love your kids. Your girls are the sweetest girls ever!! They truly are like little ladies, which is so refreshing in this day and age! :-)

Anonymous said...

How did I just know who you were talking about? Because it's ALL true! Only mine wasn't a blue icing in the van was more like jumper cables, clothes for the kids, even funds once upon a time (is she crazy!) and most importantly, she welcomed Checho into the world with me and refused to admit he wasn't breathing until he started to breath =) I love you too Wendy! Thanks Jerri for posting this! And I can only think Wendy is right when she says you have the same tendency.