Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anniversary Continued

We set off to go hiking, and I had to grab my camera. Jason headed on down the path, and then I couldn't find him. Wouldn't ya know? Up a tree! I told him we are getting much too old for that, LOL!

A beautiful sunset from our back deck.
Apparently strange things start to happen after the sun goes down, LOL! Now you know why we need to get away sometimes....to laugh!!! :)
This is the back side (I think) of a real, working steam engine, which REALLY impressed my husband. The name Detter you will recognize as they are the owners of Domestic Tranquility. I believe the last time we were there they told us it was Mr. Detter's father's.
Of course, dh had to check it all out and show me all the signs that it works and has been used recently. :0)

What's this? It's a wagon they actually hook up sometimes and take on trail rides.
They have many farm animals, some normal, some not so normal. Like these ducks....what's up with the bouffant of hair??? LOL!

Precious ponies roam like dogs...never far and willing to let anyone pet him. So friendly. He likes to stay close to their fire pit.
This is a lookout tower we were going to climb and take some awesome pics from....but this time of year, the bees are drawn to the warmth, so we thought best to let them have their peace! :0)
There was another tower on the other side of Eureka, but alas, the bees had invaded it as well.
A beautiful view.

There are many more pics, but had to choose just a few, heh, heh. :0) Hope you enjoyed the tour and I cannot encourage everyone strongly enough to visit this piece of paradise for themselves! :0)

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Julie said...

Oh such a pretty view. Great pictures.