Monday, September 29, 2008

The Ballerina Turns 13

Oh my! 13....I'm feeling old, now!
This is the gang that rang in the celebration of the ballerina's 13th birthday.
Let me explain, LOL!
She wanted to have an 80's theme party at Roller City (a skating rink).'s her birthday and that's what we did! The girls loved it. All but one dressed up (and I don't blame her!).
They had an absolute BLAST!
Junior tries to remember how to stand on these wheels...she never really did well...finally gave up and went in sock feet, LOL!
K skates her booty off ALL night!
Worn out, she collapses on the wall in front of where I'm taking pictures. She's so happy! :0)
I absolutely LOVE this pic! This SO could have been my own birthday. It was like walking back in time. I don't think I really miss the 80's, though...mismatched clothes, teased BIG eye shadow galore....LOL!
Nope...they weren't even playing "Locomotion"....they just did it!
Believe it or not, these pics have a story behind them. When we arrived at the skating rink, the moment the girls stepped out of the van there were kids hanging out who yelled "Freaks!" So nasty! Funny thing was....THEY were wearing tutus, tiaras, and sucking flashing pacifiers. Who are THEY to call my 80's girls freaks?!!! By the way....the tutus are on BOYS! Boys with green hair and make-up like the band KISS. CRAZY! I grabbed this pic later on when we were inside. I was sitting taking pics of the girls skating by and just managed to turn and get these guys. Thought you could use a good laugh!!! :0)
13 Candles.....
Her cupcake cake is upside down in this was a big flower.
Ya's not that bad.....yet. LOL 13, that is. I'm so proud of the young woman of God that she is becoming. She has a genuine passion for loving others and lifting them up. She's so kind (except to her sisters sometimes, LOL!). She's growing up, and while that is sad, I couldn't be happier about who she's becoming. I feel so blessed to be able to be part of watch her blossom and bloom. Let's just hope this lasts after "Charlie" comes!!! ;0P


Just Pure Lovely said...

Aw, she's 13! I remember you posting a comment when our big fella turned 13. So, you're okay with it? Well, it's not like we have a choice, but still...AGH! THEY'RE TEENAGERS!

Jerri Dalrymple said...

I'm okay with it, at least I think so, LOL! Maybe it's because there are 2 more behind her? Maybe b/c she has been in teen mode for a year or more already? Maybe b/c it's kind of fun to have a "hang out" daughter, too! Ah, yes....maybe b/c I have no choice, LOL! One day at a time.... :0)

Anonymous said...

It looks like she had a great party!