Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Grocery Game


This post is for those of you (us) who play the grocery game. I've been watching another blog or two do this for some time, but have never posted any of my "great finds" simply because I do 2 weeks worth of shopping at a time and it becomes difficult to know how much you are actually saving. I "ad match" a LOT of stuff, use tons of coupons (only for products I already use/need or if it makes it basically free), and receive the employee discount at our WM. (10% off non grocery items, produce, and "junk" food items (candy, gum, etc.---although I try not to buy this stuff).
The receipts don't show the price difference when you ad match, they only show what you are paying for it with the match. I do know that I spend roughly what most of my friends spend for 1 week, but I only spend it every 2 weeks. We also have a garden and that helps.
Anyway...this post is about my trip to a small local grocery store called Sav-Mart (not sure they are a national chain).
Here's the booty:1 gallon Whole Milk (the only milk my dh will drink): $2.99 gal
4lb bag of generic sugar: $1.97
3 1lb. 10.5 oz cans of Hunts Spaghetti Sauce: $0.88/each total: $2.64
5 Ramen Noodles: $0.10/ each total: $0.50
2 rolls Generic Paper Towels: $0.50/each total $1.00
2 pkg. Bar S Jumbo Franks, 1lb, $0.78/each total: $1.56
2 1lb. rolls Carolina Pride Pork Sausage: $0.78/each total: $1.60
5lb. Russet Potatoes: $1.69
4 packages boneless skinless chicken breasts @ $1.48/lb, various weights totaling 6.67lb for $9.88 (usually pay $7 for 2.5 lb. frozen store brand bag).
I don't know what the total savings were, exactly, but the total before tax was : $23.79

My next stop was a local bakery discount store of sorts- McKee Company Store (the make Little Debbies, Sunbelt items, etc.) I purchased a loaf of Ozark Hearth Wheatberry bread for $1.39, a package of 6 Whole Wheat Ozark Hearth Sub Rolls for $0.79, a box of Swiss Cake rolls for $0.50, a box of German Chocolate Cookies for $0.50, and a package of Spice Cakes for $0.50. My total was $4.07 before taxes.This was from my big trip to WM with some coupons and tips courtesy of
3 Johnson's Buddie's Soaps normally $0.97/each, used $3.00 off 3 from coupon insert in 9/14 paper
1 package Kotex Pads normally $1.00, used $1 off any 1 Kotex product from

Now...those of you who know that I've had a hysterectomy might wonder at the pads. I will remind you that I have 3 daughters, one of which is turning 13 on Friday (yikes!). :0)After the coupons and discount, WM paid ME $0.48 to take these items off their hands! Anytime, problem! ;o)

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