Sunday, September 14, 2008

Benton County Fair 2008

Well, the fair came, we conquered, and now we are just plain pooped!

Junior and Roo did so well, and we are very proud of them!!!

Junior shows her goat who's boss!

Roo has always had "the touch" when it comes to animals. They are drawn to her like a horse to water.

Roo took 2nd in her weight category.

It was a VERY exciting week, albeit an exhausting one. The girls all entered many crafts and won several first place ribbons. These pics aren't very good, something about the lighting in that livestock building I guess....

Thanks to all who supported the girls by coming and visiting the shows and exhibits!!!


Anonymous said...

It's all so foreign to me...but several of my students were gone all week as well. I'm glad it's done.

Julie said...

I thought I saw you there I don't know you very well but Jason and I graduated together. I was so busy keeping up with my 3 kids and hogs, and their show cattle seems like the fair went by so fast. We love it I hope you all enjoyed it its a family affair. My sister and her kids show Goats, Lambs, and hogs and my sister in law and her kids show cattle and hogs. I loved it when I was a kid and I think I love it more now. but we have told our kids one kind of animal no more 2 hogs, and 1 steer and 2 heifers too much. hope to see you all at more 4-H stuff. Julie (cantrel) Burden

Jerri Dalrymple said...

It sure was tiring! LOL I'll need the next year to regain that week back of rest! :0)