Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.....

Ring a bell? Think Disney's Cinderella, LOL!

When one door closes, another opens....we use this to reassure ourselves time and again that all will right itself eventually.
Last week was a rough week with pets. I took in a kitten to help out a friend...a kitten that had been born, then deserted immediately by it's mother. I nursed it for 3 days....even wiping it's bottom with a
wet paper towel to make it potty. (Did you know you HAVE to do that or it will die? EW!)
It passed on anyway after 3 days.
Then we lost our Blue Heeler, Zeke. We have come to the conclusion that he was run over. Why do people not stop??? It would be so much better if they told us when it happened...if they showed ANY
sign of remorse. He lived through it, only to die the next day due to internal injuries.

And then.....
I haven't told many people this....it's too silly to even mention in casual conversation, but I've ALWAYS wanted a Maltese puppy. They are so cuddly and fun. AND THEY DON"T SHED!!! (good for those of us with allergies!) They are VERY intelligent and just an overall very good choice for a house/lap dog. One problem....they run from $500-$700. YIKES!!!
I stopped pricing them about 5 years ago when it became apparent that I would never find one I could afford. I could never and would never pay that for a dog. (Well, who's to say what I WOULD or WOULD NOT do if I had that kind of money to just throw around....I may never know, LOL!)
God knows our hearts and our desires, though....even the silly ones. :0)

I get several daily digests in my email from different homeschooling groups that I belong to. On one there came a post about a Maltese puppy for sale. I immediately jumped on the post and saw that it said "make an offer" and so I did. I made a very meager offer of about 1/10 of what the dog was worth (I had a little birthday money)...but offered a loving home as well. I didn't get my hopes up, LOL. After sending the email, I noticed that there was a website mentioned where you could see pics of the pup, so I looked it up. When I saw the pics I looked and looked. Only when I looked again a little later did I see the side note that said something along the lines of "Price Reduced $400 OBO." ZOINKS! I was embarrassed that I had even sent my meager offer, sure that the owner/dealer would get a good laugh, though! I would never have sent it if I had seen the note first. I NEVER expected to hear back from these people. However, the next day (or day after that one, not sure) I received a phone call. The puppy was mine to come pick up. Say WHAT?! Yep....mine. I couldn't believe it and tried not to get my hopes up. We were on our way to see Fireproof and go out to dinner with our Sunday School class when I got the call, so I made arrangements to pick up the pup the next afternoon (Sunday). All the way there I was just hoping and praying this man would not suddenly change his mind and break my heart. When I got there, the family was SO nice. The man said that God works in mysterious ways. Yes, He most certainly does. My daughters have made comments this week on how great it is to see how much God loves us and cares about our needs...and our wants. Even the silly ones.

Meet Frodo...(at least I THINK that's what I'm naming him!)...
Or Grizzly? (because he THINKS he's a grizzly bear)

(Roo took this pic....she tried really hard! (o: )
Or Bouncer, because when he gets really excited he bounces more than runs.
Or Peedie (Scottish for small/little) He makes Snickers look like a giant! :0D
Or Rascal....self explanatory! Ha, ha, ha!
By the way, "Frodo" came from the movie, Lord of the Rings. For those of you who haven't seen the movie or read the books, Frodo is a hobbit, which is defined as a "smallish being with hairy feet." That fits this dog pretty well, LOL! The only problem is it sounds like "No, No!" and I don't want him to be confused. ???

Let me know what you think!

Thanks and have a great night!!!

Frodo lays in my lap, sleeping mostly, or trying to "type" while I'm blogging...it's so cute! He says goodnight, too! :0)


Anonymous said...

I vote for Frodo! He's a cutie = )

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Thanks! I've been calling him Frodo all day (and most of yesterday, I suppose) and he seems to recognize it! :0)

The Gimped Redneck said...

So sorry to hear about the loss(s). Sometimes life is just plain tough, yet God is faithful, and if we are faithful the more our hearts are able to receive his grace.

It's cool about the Maltese. I'll bet he's helping a lot with the loss.

Our indoor mongrel is named bandaid. Care to venture how his name came about? Bandaid is the dog you will see walking around up in a tree on my blog. He's been a blessing.

Enjoyed the peek at the family.

Gimped Redneck said...

Hey, I've put a link to here from my blog if you don't mind (in the midst of re-skinning by blog).

If you want to put a link from here to there would be cool. www.gimpedredneck.blogspot.com

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I'm sorry about the losses also. :-( I lost one special kitty when I was in high school, and refrained from ever getting attached to an animal again. It's just too hard. I hold them all at arm's length now.

That doggie is ADORABLE. I also vote for Frodo. Love the dog and the name!