Thursday, September 18, 2008

Butterflies and Kitty Cats

Butterflies: God's most beautiful creation?

I've always thought so. God has been revealing Himself to me in new and wonderful, unexpected ways recently. Just noticing the beauty that surrounds me is one of them. I walked out on my porch and noticed these two amazingly beautiful creatures fluttering around my Cannes. After watching for a bit I called for the girls to come see. While we were watching them, they seemed to disappear for a moment, then reappear and fly right up in front of us so we could get a better look. It was an awe inspiring moment for us all and we all proclaimed how "cool" God is and thoughtful to bless us with just such an opportunity. Honestly, I've never seen butterflies this color. It was just too wonderful, so I , of course, had to go grab my camera and get some pics. Meet our blessings....

In my devotions this morning, my "assigned reading" was Psalm 37. It spoke to me, so close to my heart....reassuring to say the least. I was also reminded how God deals with each of us differently, but with no less love than another. The same passage of scripture can mean two completely different things to different people, yet minister to them each right where they are at that very moment. Yes, God IS amazing.

Now...kitty cats. This blessed little life was given to me to try to nurse to health. It's mother, for whatever reason, never had even the slightest instinct to care for it. Yet here he just over 24 hours old. The girls named him Boots b/c right now he has white feet, a white belly and under his chin. I hope he makes it, but I'm also reminded that sometimes we can do everything right, follow all the "rules" for care, and still, it just might not thrive. I'm trying to prepare my girls for this, but they can't see past the excitement of it all just yet.

I needed to weigh him to see how much he was SUPPOSED to be eating....he was a little small for the bathroom scale, so I found the next best thing. :0) Please ignore the messy kitchen in the background.

He only weighs 2 ounces!!!

I never thought I would experience the feeling of such a helpless little thing being so entirely dependent on me for it's life again.

The girls are learning a lot through this experience as well. The butterflies are our nature science project for the week, too. I love homeschooling! ;o)

Have a great Friday all!


Anonymous said...

You've been so good about posting lately! Thanks for sharing your blessing = )

Jerri Dalrymple said...

Thank you for reading my everyday happenings, mundane as they may be to some! :0) Somehow, lately, I've been spending less time on the computer, but more time blogging??? LOL Just decided to share what God's doing in my life with whoever happens to be listening (reading) and even if it's no's good for me to keep records and look back on them. :0) So....when are YOU gonna post again? It's been a few days!!! :0P